Michael A. Durney

Chasing Revenge: On The Wings Of Destiny

What happens when a soldier is no longer a soldier, exits the battlefield and returns home from war to take up civilian life? Harley Bodine is home from Afghanistan, a war that never ends. Despite hours of introspection about his next chapters, denying destiny, and dreaming of a simpler life, Harley finds himself back in the grip of war on US soil.

Internally, he’s at odds with any thought of a destiny waiting for him. He fights for his own outcomes, but destiny may be more powerful than he believes. A random meeting with the beautiful Whitney Hunter, owner of Texas Monthly, points him in the direction of her brother, Matt Hunter, CEO of Argon secure, a Washington, DC contractor to Homeland Security.  Matt Hunter hires Harley as lead agent whose job it is to follow incognito foreign nationals arriving in the US to make sure they get to their destinations.

He blows his cover to intervene in an assassination attempt of Egypt’s head security agent to president Al Sisi at the Egyptian Embassy.  A day later, Harley Bodine finds himself in the middle of a turf war between two Egyptian enemies, hell bent on killing one another. A US Senator whose son has been kidnapped and an unhappy Director of Homeland Security add uncomfortable pressure to an impossible task.

Harley’s warrior instincts kick in to stop murder, mayhem and terrorism on the Homeland front.


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