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Michael A. Durney

Michael A. Durney the Best Selling Fiction Authors of Crime Suspense 

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Michael A. Durney’s journey into the world of fiction is as intriguing as the gripping narratives he weaves. Having waited four decades to rediscover his writing aspirations, Durney’s literary odyssey is a testament to the resilience of creativity. Initially inspired at eighteen, Durney embarked on a quest to become a writer, only to face the blank page’s relentless gaze. He explored life’s adventures – backpacking, skiing, camping, hunting, and even baseball – but the elusive story remained hidden. This led him to put down his pencil and rue the typewriter class he once attended. Little did he know that his storytelling prowess would eventually surface. Therefore, giving rise to captivating the best selling fiction authors of crime suspense that have enthralled readers worldwide.

Crimes of A Secret Nature

At the heart of this enthralling narrative is Eddie Jewell, a woman who has endured three harrowing years in a women’s federal prison for a crime she adamantly claims she did not commit. The monotony of her existence within the prison walls is suffocating. So, with the memories of her former life playing like a relentless movie reel. The walls seem to taunt her, the guards dismiss her pleas. However, even her tears have dried up in the arid deserts of emotion.

But Eddie clings to a secret teetering on the precipice between guilt and innocence. FBI Special Agent Randal Hicks is relentless in his pursuit of unlocking the truth, while Eddie’s rogue ex-boyfriend, Ethan Cross, is desperate to steal the hidden truth for his own gain. Meanwhile, a criminal empire masterminded by the enigmatic Sid Marks is willing to kill to unearth the secret Eddie guards so fiercely.

Amidst this treacherous backdrop, Eddie glimpses a sliver of hope through an improbable opportunity offered by US Marshal James Belk of the WITSEC division. It’s a chance at escape, but the odds seem insurmountable. Only the unlikely alliance with a ninety-year-old former policewoman, Lizzy Watts, offers a glimmer of hope. However, revealing her long-held secret could be her undoing, while keeping it locked away threatens the lives of others.

The Murder of Tobias Wheat

This book is fair enough to rank as the best selling fiction authors of crime suspense. The narrative unfolds through the perspective of a character named Tobias Wheat. His life is irrevocably intertwined with that of his best friend and Chaff. Therefore, a bond forged when they were both just fourteen, born worlds apart. Their connection should never have been so profound, yet it was until Chaff’s enigmatic secret life severed their ties.

Tobias discovers a truth that has long eluded him – Chaff’s audacious theft of six million dollars worth of diamonds from an African smuggling cartel when he was twelve. Now, a decade later, the secrets of their past come back to haunt them as the cartel demands the return of the stolen diamonds.

A World of Crime Suspense Unveiled

Michael A. Durney’s mastery of crime suspense fiction lies in his ability to craft narratives as intricate as they are immersive. With each page turned readers are drawn deeper into a labyrinth of secrets, moral complexities, and the relentless pursuit of the truth.

Durney’s storytelling prowess has breathed life into characters like Eddie Jewell, Tobias Wheat, and Chaff. Although, leading readers on heart-pounding journeys through treacherous physical and emotional terrain. As readers unravel the mysteries within his books. Moreover, they find themselves at the crossroads of morality and survival, where every decision carries profound consequences.


In conclusion, the best selling fiction authors of crime suspense exceed the boundaries of crime suspense. His narratives are not mere stories but enigmatic journeys through the human psyche. Further, exploring the intricacies of morality, loyalty, and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to uncover the truth. With each novel, Durney solidifies his place among the foremost authors of crime suspense. Although, leaving readers eagerly awaiting his next literary masterpiece.

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