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Michael A. Durney

Michael A. Durney the Best Selling Fiction Authors of Crime Suspense

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Crime and suspense are genres that have captivated readers for generations. Among the authors who excel in these fields, Michael A. Durney stands out for his unconventional journey to becoming one of the best selling fiction authors of crime suspense. His novels, including “The Murder of Tobias Wheat” and “Crimes of A Secret Nature,” delve deep into the complexities of crime and suspense. Although it is drawing readers into a world of secrets, moral dilemmas, and relentless pursuit. In this blog, we will explore the intriguing world of Michael A. Durney and his contributions to the realm of crime suspense fiction.

Michael A. Durney

What sets Michael A. Durney apart is his unconventional journey to becoming a master of crime suspense fiction. Unlike many authors who start their careers early, Durney’s path included a four-decade hiatus before rediscovering his writing aspirations. Initially inspired at eighteen, he ventured to become a writer. However, he faced the relentless gaze of the blank page and struggled to find his voice. Life led him on diverse adventures, including backpacking, skiing, camping, hunting, and baseball. Despite his rich life experiences, the elusive story remained hidden.

Durney discovered that the key to becoming a master storyteller lay in experiencing life’s many facets. However, the people, the challenges, the joys, and the unexpected moments. Within these moments, he found the inspiration for his captivating narratives. This unconventional journey enriches his storytelling, making his work deep and authentic.

Engaging Crime Suspense Novels

Michael A. Durney’s crime suspense novels testify to his storytelling prowess. “The Murder of Tobias Wheat” and “Crimes of A Secret Nature” engage readers in intricate mysteries that keep them on the edge. However, Durney’s work in the crime suspense genre goes beyond the conventional. He excels in crafting narratives that unravel the complexities of crime, delving into the hearts and minds of his characters to expose the moral dilemmas they face.

Intriguing Characters and Mysteries

One of Durney’s strengths is his ability to create characters with depth and moral complexities. His novels delve into their pasts, secrets, and the relentless pursuit of truth. Readers are drawn into a world where characters grapple with their decisions. Moreover, the line between right and wrong is often blurred. This exploration of human nature, morality, and the consequences of one’s actions sets Durney’s crime suspense novels apart. Although his extraordinary work has taken him to the list of the best-selling fiction authors of crime suspense.

Crimes of A Secret Nature

In “Crimes of A Secret Nature,” Durney explores love, betrayal, and punishment themes. The novel revolves around Eddie Jewell, a woman who has endured three harrowing years in a women’s federal prison for a crime she adamantly claims she did not commit. Her existence within the prison walls is suffocating. Moreover, the memories of her former life play like a relentless movie reel. The walls taunt her, the guards dismiss her pleas, and even her tears have dried up. Yet, Eddie clings to a secret that teeters between guilt and innocence.

FBI Special Agent Randal Hicks is relentless in his pursuit of unlocking the truth, while Eddie’s rogue ex-boyfriend and Ethan Cross. Therefore, it is desperate to steal the hidden truth for his own gain. An enigmatic criminal empire masterminded by Sid Marks is willing to kill to unearth the secret Eddie guards so fiercely. Amidst this treacherous backdrop, Eddie glimpses a sliver of hope through an improbable opportunity offered by US Marshal James Belk of the WITSEC division. It’s a chance at escape, but the odds seem insurmountable. Only an unlikely alliance with a ninety-year-old former policewoman, Lizzy Watts, offers a glimmer of hope. But revealing her long-held secret could be her undoing while keeping it locked away threatens the lives of others.

The Murder of Tobias Wheat

In “The Murder of Tobias Wheat,” Durney weaves a narrative around secrets, heists, and the pursuit of stolen diamonds. The story unfolds through the perspective of a character named Tobias Wheat, whose life is irrevocably intertwined with that of his best friend, Chaff. Their bond was forged when they were just fourteen, born worlds apart. Their connection should never have been so profound, yet it was until Chaff’s enigmatic secret life severed their ties. Tobias discovers a truth that has long eluded him – Chaff’s audacious theft of six million dollars worth of diamonds from an African smuggling cartel when he was twelve. Now, a decade later, the secrets of their past come back to haunt them as the cartel demands the return of the stolen diamonds.


Michael A. Durney’s contributions to the best selling fiction authors of crime suspense go beyond the conventional. His novels engage readers with intricate mysteries, moral complexities, and unforgettable characters. His legacy as a genre master is solidified by his ability to create narratives that unravel the complexities of crime and enthrall readers.

In conclusion, Michael A. Durney’s journey into the world of crime suspense fiction is as unconventional as captivating. His novels, including “The Murder of Tobias Wheat” and “Crimes of A Secret Nature,” are testaments to his storytelling prowess. Readers are drawn into a world of secrets, moral dilemmas, and relentless pursuit. Therefore, it is making Durney one of the best-selling fiction authors in the crime suspense genre. His legacy inspires generations of readers and authors to explore the intricacies of crime and suspense.

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