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Michael A. Durney

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About Author

Motivational And Experienced of Author Michael A Durney


Yep, that’s me at the age of four. I was thinking of writing a western saga.  

As myself Author Michael A Durney and I waited forty-years to start where I once began. When I was eighteen, my undeveloped imagination urged me to become a writer of the great American novel. I think the longest sustained effort landed on all of six pages. Therefore, I waited and waited for the story to come into focus through backpacking trips. Moreover, ski adventures, camping, hunting, baseball and…and…but the damn story would never come. I hung up my pencil and cursed the typewriter class I attended.  

Author Michael A Durney career was over before it began. Graduation from college brought sales, advertising, marketing and entrepreneurship. What can I say? I had to eat. Then to slow me down even further came marriage (I love you honey), children. However, a double order of life’s unpredictability (use your imagination here), and sudden left turns.  

Well…I found that if you turn left enough times, you end up back at the beginning, but much older. The stories finally came—and kept on coming. The trick was in the aging process, experiencing life, people, troubles, and pleasures.  

I found that surfing the world in all of its glory, sadness, exhilaration, strangeness, and bewilderment will give you dozens of good stories.  

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I liked writing them. 

Summarizing Author’s Journey

Author Michael A. Durney’s literary ambitions lay resting for four decades as he pursued a sales, advertising, marketing, and entrepreneurship career. The accumulation of life’s experiences finally inspired him by drawing from the richness and complexity of life to craft captivating stories. He now shares these tales with hoping readers find as much enjoyment in reading them as he did in writing.